Pressing into Government with the Hope of Positive Change

With so much happening in D.C. and in the media, this week on CURE America Jonathan Alexandre is back in the guest host seat with several guests to sort through the noise of the news and find the truth.

EJ Antoni joins us once again from the Heritage Foundation to make sense of what’s happening with the debt limit, and more importantly, what needs to be done to move towards a path of financial stability. Dan Stein from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is back on the show as well to take us through Biden’s recent visit to the southern border, just how dire the situation is getting, and the lack of leadership or even acknowledgement from the Left (the Secretary of Homeland Security seems to be very proud of a new app they designed, even though it breaks the law). Richard Manning is joined by Phil Kerpen from American Commitment and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity to guide us through what we’ve heard from our experts. Jonathan ends the show by sitting down with Pastor Charles Moodie and his wife to hear their story, their testimony, and how God led them to move to the south side of Chicago and speak his Gospel and do His work, including with a new maternity house to aide mothers who are expecting.

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