2021 in Review

2021 has been a year of detrimental policies from Joe Biden’s Administration.

Cheered by a corrupt corporate media that constantly covers up the Administration’s shortcomings through deflection and lies, Biden and his socialist allies plan to keep the devastation going throughout the coming year.

Joe Biden's Administration

Those paying attention can see that our country is getting closer to becoming a socialist nightmare every day.

The effects of COVID are still ongoing and rampant, race relations are at a generational low, our fellow Americans see each other as enemy rather than neighbor, inflation is hitting America’s wallet hard, and although our cities are not burning anymore, our small businesses are suffering a wave of thefts and violence is rampant in our urban communities. What can we do to stop this backslide?

Every day, the team at CURE, led by Star Parker, works extremely hard representing you in D.C. to make sure that traditional American values prevail and that the damage inflicted by the Biden Administration, the “Squad,” radical progressive groups, and our mainstream media is minimal and can be reversed when conservatives reclaim Congress in 2023. Our work has never mattered more.

Your support makes this work possible, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment to CURE’s mission.
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Here are some highlights of the work that we have accomplished together in 2021.


Published Policy Reports

On policing, homelessness, and education choice to send to Capitol Hill and influence the country’s policy direction.


Syndicated a Weekly Column

where Star Parker breaks down the news every week and offers insightful commentary for millions of Americans.


Hosted a Build Back Better Press Conference

Where the conservative movement’s most prominent leaders spoke out against the detrimental effects of the bill on our communities.


Launched a Podcast

called Power, Poverty & Politics where Star Parker discusses current events as they relate to our distressed communities.


Rallied at the Supreme Court

to support the right to life amidst oral arguments in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case.


Worked with Legislators

to mitigate the damaging effects of the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats.


Spoke with Experts

Across networks such as Fox News, Victory Channel, NRBTV, and more about areas of current events and public policy.


Hosted our National Policy Summit 2021

Where pastors from our national network gathered in Washington to hear from conservative leaders about the importance of a free nation under God and what it means for public policy in their communities.


Created CURE America with Star Parker,

a weekly TV program offering candid discussions on America’s cultural, political, and racial issues with leading thinkers, politicians, and change-makers.

Support Us

Help CURE ring in a merry & bright 2022.

Your support makes this work possible, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment to CURE’s mission

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As we exit 2021, and begin 2022, I write to you with mixed emotions.

On the one hand, I am thrilled and gratified that CURE continues to move forward and strengthen in its mission to engage critical numbers of black Americans to help restore America as a free nation Under God and to advance policy reforms consistent with this objective.

On the other hand, I share the concerns of tens of millions of Americans that our nation is dangerously losing its way. Our economy and our culture are sending out messages of distress, and as of this writing, we are seeing inflation that we have not seen in over 30 years.

Government spending and expansion into the lives of citizens is unprecedented and our national debt, now equal the size of our whole national economy, continues to grow to very dangerous levels.

The American family, which should be the pillar of our nation, continues to collapse and Americans are having fewer children than ever. Furthermore, surveys show that almost half of Americans of the ages where families are formed say they are not interested in having children. Our national landscape was much different when I started my work some 25 years ago.

My goal then was to bring the principles that were driving success in the successful parts of our nation to poor communities where those principles had not taken root.

But over these years, the capitalism and traditional biblical values that have driven the American success story have been increasingly undermined, and the successful parts of the nation are starting to look more like our broken inner cities.

As God has been banished from our public spaces, eternal religious truths have been replaced with an empty, vacuous, and destructive “politically correct” woke culture.

It all points to the work of CURE being more critical and more important than ever.

As you read through our 2021 Annual Report, I hope that you feel optimistic about our future because of the work that CURE has been doing, relentless, to fight and take back the public space from communist ideas.

Let me draw it all together by saying again that CURE has one focus: we want to coax out the light, once shining bright, now sadly dimming, of America as “one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

We hold fast to our conviction that these core principles will solve our problems of poverty, crime, and underachievement.

CURE’s unique work is bringing these timeless principles, the principles that made America great, and will restore our greatness, to our poor communities.

Our deepest gratitude goes to our donors, who generously support this work and our mission and make it all possible.

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