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Our movement is growing. Star Parker, CURE scholars, and board members are drawing national attention for their message of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility. To schedule an interview with Star Parker or another CURE spokesperson, please contact [email protected]


CURE President and Founder Star Parker made an appearance on Victory TV to discuss how the media is ignoring and criticizing a black female making political history in Virginia. It questions what progressives believe about our nation and the American people – and how Winsome Sears proved them wrong.

Last month, two higher education stories rocked the news. One was a video from Arizona State University, where two young men studying quietly on campus were aggressively harassed on video and told to leave by activist Sarra Tekola because one had a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on his laptop. Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters called for the harassers’ expulsion, and Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted, “I love ASU but this needs to stop.”

Cure Board Member and former Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon recently joined NewsMax TV’s “Wake Up America” hosted Rob Finnerty to discuss General Milley and Secretary Austin’s recent testimony to Congress on the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Local public schools, once trusted unequivocally by parents, have revealed themselves not only as just another arm of the government, but one controlled by teachers’ unions doing the bidding of one political party. Lockdowns and mask and vaccination mandates have been enacted against the wishes of many parents.

Yesterday, the Democrats in Congress passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, or HR 4. This bill is a blatant power grab and an attempt to federalize our elections. It’s also an effort to make states unable to defend safeguards like voter ID in court.

Writing for The American Conservative, CURE Policy Analyst Mikael Rose Good suggests that "We must resist the urge to use Census Bureau reports as bludgeons to advance oversimplified narratives about race and demographic change."

On behalf of the Center for Urban Renewal & Education’s news outlet, Black Community News, traveled to the Department of Corrections Central Detention Facility to report on the treatment of the Americans jailed for their participation in the January 6 riot at the Capitol building.

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