The Israel-Hamas War - An In-Depth Conversation with Dan Raviv

With the backdrop of rocket-filled skies over the Holy Land, Dan Raviv, an expert on Israel and the Middle East, engages in a profound conversation with Star Parker. They delve into the contentious issue of Israel’s historical and Biblical claim to the land, tracing it back to ancient times.

In 1947, the United Nations took a historic step by endorsing the creation of two states, Israel and Palestine, coexisting side by side. However, the surrounding Arab nations vehemently opposed this vision. Their refusal to accept the establishment of a Jewish state sparked aggressive wars by the Arab states, which coordinated their efforts to annihilate Israel.

During this candid conversation, Dan Raviv offers a thoughtful exploration of potential pathways to resolving the Israel-Hamas War, drawing from key historical events to shed light on the complex dynamics in the region.

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