Midterm Elections and the Battle for Congress

As the nation decides its next Congress, this week on CURE America with Star Parker, we take an inside look at Congress, the prevailing issues leading the voting booth, and the history of the Black vote in America – and why the Democratic party continues to care about Black communities the most during an election.

We’re joined by Ed Corrigan, President and CEO of the Conservative Partnership Institute, who has decades of experience inside Capitol Hill. He takes us through some of the inner workings of Congress following an election, and why too often we see newly elected politicians change their tune once they arrive in D.C. Jonathan Alexandre and Richard Manning are back on the panel to discuss key issues this election, including the rising and concerning impact of crime across America. Delano Squires, Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and contributor for Blaze TV, sheds light on how the Democratic Party is starting to lose the Black vote. To sift through all of this, and seek the truth on how we cure our culture and nation, CURE’s Raheem Williams guides us through the noise of the news and the facts facing our nation moving forward.

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