The State of Black America

The only compilation of intellectuals and scholars reporting the history of black Americans outside the lens of dependency and victimization.

An incisive collection of essays that reveal the past, present, and future strength of black America as the best hope for a nation that has lost faith in itself. Order now from Encounter Books and use promo code 'CURE' for 30% off your purchase.

In a nation that is tearing itself apart over race, trying to speak honestly about the state of black America is a perilous task.

Candor and thoughtfulness are often drowned by hysteria, expediency, and sentimentalism. The State of Black America seeks to restore these sorely needed virtues to the present discourse, assembling a company of scholars who confront our nation’s troubled racial history even as they bear witness to the promise the American heritage contains for blacks. 

The essays in this volume bring clarity to the murky darkness of America’s race debates, reviewing and building upon the latest scholarship on the character, shape, and tendencies of life for black Americans.

Together, they tell a story of black America’s astounding success in integrating into mainstream American culture and propose that black patriotism is the key to overcoming what problems remain.

Featuring scholarship from a variety of disciplines, including history, economics, social science, and political philosophy, The State of Black America offers to the world a “toolbox” of intellectual resources to aid careful and sound thinking on one of the most fraught issues of our time. Featuring contributions from:

William B. Allen

Author, Former CURE COO, & Former Chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Thomas Klingenstein

Chairman - Claremont Institute

Mikael Rose Good

Research Assistant - American Enterprise Institute

Edward J. Erler

Senior Fellow - Claremont Institute

Robert Bland

Assistant professor of History and Africana Studies - UT Knoxville

Glenn C. Loury

Professor - Brown University

Ian V. Rowe

Senior Fellow - American Enterprise Institute

Precious Hall

Assistant Professor - St. Lawrence University

Star Parker

Founder & President - Center for Urban Renewal and Education

Robert Borens

VP for Policy - Center for Urban Renewal and Education

Daphne Cooper

Associate Professor - Indian River State College

Praise for The State of Black America

The State of Black America is a much-needed antidote to the madness-inducing contradiction of woke orthodoxy. These essays carefully consider the importance of human agency, culture, character, and the resilience of the human spirit. It is a meditation for grown-ups and not a fairy tale. If you want to know how to heal the afflictions of identity politics and restore the promise of the American republic, read this book.

The Honorable Judge Janice Rogers Brown

This book combines an admirable attention to empirical reality with moral seriousness and reasoned hope in the promise of America. Where so many recommend fatalism and despair, the contributors to this volume celebrate the achievement of the black middle class and the moral and civic agency impressively displayed by black Americans even under conditions of distress. A most welcome plea for sanity and the recovery of the moral promise of the American republic.

Daniel J. Mahoney Professor Emeritus, Assumption University and Senior Fellow, the RealClear Foundation

Here is a sober and hopeful book. In it, you will not find the leftist tale of a black America that must be rescued from ‘systemic racism’ by ever-more state intervention. Nor will you find the right-leaning claim that America is color-blind. This book gives a believable history of black America, which is to say, one beset by moral agony and ongoing labor to make good on an American promise longing to be fulfilled.

Joshua Mitchell Professor of Government, Georgetown University and Senior Fellow, Common Sense Society

In the face of a plangent chorus of ‘white guilt,’ ‘black victimization,’ and ‘green’ futility, this book revives the American dream and drama of triumphant possibilities and creative abundance for all. Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington, 19th century pioneers of the American dream, would gladly welcome these authors into their pantheon of true heirs and proponents of the promise of 21st century American abundance and opportunity.

George Gilder Author, Economist, and Co-Founder of the Discovery Institute

The significance of black patriotism, among many other compelling issues, is given penetrating reflection by the authors assembled in a new book edited by political philosopher and former chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and Council of the National Endowment for the Humanities, William B. Allen.

Ken Masugi Distinguished Fellow, the Center for American Greatness and Senior Fellow, the Claremont Institute

The State of Black America author and editor Dr. William B. Allen recently introduced the book at the National Review Institute’s Creating Opportunity Seminar in Chicago.

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