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CURE’s Annual National Policy Summit unites pastors from all over the nation for a one-of-a-kind training experience. It is scheduled for this October 16-18 in Washington, D.C.

We will bring together policy experts and national leaders to help equip our pastors with the tools necessary to rebuild our most distressed communities.

Events such as our National Policy Summit provide an invaluable opportunity for these pastors to learn, network, and develop creative solutions for those in their congregations living in distressed zip codes, with the end goal of equipping them to lead community-building ministries in their neighborhoods centered in Judeo-Christian principles and the founding principles of our great nation.

These pastors are the voices of faith in God, freedom to do what is right and good, and the vital importance of embracing personal responsibility for his or her actions. In far too many corners of our nation, these are messages that have been unheard for far too long.

We need to ensure that pastors from every corner of our nation are able to attend and become empowered to help a greater number of black Evangelical Christians understand and embrace their values. These values are largely conservative at their core, and we need more black voters to begin voting for their values and interests and the political leaders who will develop policies to support them.

You can give to cover the costs the pastor pays to attend or the entire cost that CURE pays, which includes meals, hotel rooms, all policy meeting sessions (speaker costs and any required logistics), and facility charges. This year we are conducting the first part of the three-day gathering, a special Election Forum, at the National Press Club.

A generous donor has given a $25,000 dollar-for-dollar match, which means that every dollar we raise over the next four weeks of this campaign will generate $50,000, which is what we need to fill the room and have a most impactful summit!

Help us reach our goal by sponsoring a pastor to attend our National Policy Summit!

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