Star Parker: Taiwan-China Conflict Mirrors US Fight Against Liberal Totalitarianism

August 19, 2022

CURE Founder and President Star Parker, contributing a segment for Straight Arrow News, discussing how the fight against liberal totalitarianism at home bears resemblance to the ongoing tension between China and Taiwan.

The news headlines have shifted from the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine to China and Taiwan. And it seems that so often when we look for tyranny, we look to the East. We always find ourselves looking to the East. But the battle between China and Taiwan and the contending ideals of freedom and totalitarianism are not just seen in lands far away.

We’re witnessing that very battle here at home. We’re witnessing it in our political processes in our primaries, and we will witness it in November. As is often said, but is not said enough, our founding fathers built our nation on the ideals of liberty. But freedom’s torch has lost too much light to the ensuing darkness of totalitarianism. There are over a hundred progressives that embrace totalitarianism in our current Congress.

Watch the full segment here.

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