Star Parker Remarks on the Impact of Abortion on the African American community

For immediate release: September 8, 2021

Washington, DC – Following is the statement by Star Parker, Founder and President of the Center for Urban Renewal & Education on the impact of abortion of the African-American community and the nation:

“Abortion, like slavery, is a crime against humanity. This crime disproportionately affects the most vulnerable in our society.

Five years after Dr. Martin Luther King’s death, Roe v. Wade became national law. Since, the numbers of black children aborted in America is heart-wrenching:

1200 a day.

30,000 a month.

400,000 a year.

19 million since Roe v Wade.

The abortion industry across America, preys on our nation’s most vulnerable – brutally dismembering their offspring: under the guise of helping the poor. Is it any wonder that our nation’s most distressed communities are drowning in a moral breakdown?

I was one such woman when years ago, lost in sexual recklessness, I had four abortions; without any counsel or information from the abortion providers about the distinct humanity of the life that was growing within me.

I heard all the propaganda of the abortion peddlers, in school, in the media, from community and political leaders – yet I heard nothing of infant development in the womb nor any information about their souls, their heartbeat that was yearning to live.

Perhaps then, in the late seventies, one could argue that little was known about the development or mortality of an embryo or fetus: very few instruments were available to detect humanity medically or scientifically.

Today, due to modern technology, this is not an argument that can be made, in particular with the advent of the ultrasound where we can now measure brainwaves and heartbeats within the womb.

Hiding behind word semantics of “choice” and “reproductive rights” the abortion industry has promoted laws of destruction and has caused great pain to millions.

It’s time for the crime of abortion to end!  Too many children have been sacrificed for the sake of convenience and the pain haunts those who make that choice, forever.

In my case, there was healing and forgiveness from God.

Our nation too, can move towards healing and can right this wrong by protecting the most vulnerable and ending this crime against humanity.

CURE is a policy and research center dedicated to fighting poverty and restoring dignity through messages of faith, freedom and personal responsibility. CURE seeks free-market solutions to provide education, employment, healthcare and the opportunity for black families to grow and their communities to flourish.

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