Hard-Core Ideologue Receives Federal Judicial Nomination

For immediate release: April 29, 2022

Nancy Abudu’s divisive record could make its way to the Court of Appeals 11th Circuit

Washington, D.C. – Today the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), a policy and research center dedicated to fighting poverty and seeking solutions for black families to grow and their communities to flourish, sent a letter to the Senate urging the rejection of the ill-advised nomination by President Biden for Nancy Abudu to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.

The letter highlights the divisive history of Abudu, especially her record as Strategic Litigation Director for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Florida. 

The SPLC has labeled a vast number of organizations as hate groups, including several National Religious Broadcasters members placed on the “hate” list for promoting historic Biblical teachings, even though these groups have no ties whatsoever to extremism or violence.

Included in their hate labeling was then Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, for which they later issued a public apology. When the SPLC defamed human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Dermer labeled that designation as an “Orwellian inversion of reality.”

Abudu has likened senators who opposed Democrat-backed elections legislation to “pro-Jim Crow senators of the past.” When Abudu unsuccessfully challenged a requirement on felon’s voting rights in Florida while she was with the ACLU, the 11th Circuit found no evidence to support her claim of intentional racial discrimination.

“The history of Abudu’s experience and actions raises serious concerns about her ability to be impartial,” said Star Parker, CURE Founder and President. “A well demonstrated hard-core ideologue, she seems incapable of rendering an impartial legal judgement.”

The letter was signed by Parker, as well as CURE’s Vice President of Government Relations and Coalitions, Marty Dannenfelser.

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