Correcting the Burden of Biden's Border

For immediate release: May 10, 2023

CURE sends letter to House supporting Secure the Border Act

Washington, D.C. – With the critical concerns of our nation’s southern border and the upcoming vote before the House, CURE sent a letter today to House Members calling for support of H.R. 2, “Secure the Border Act of 2023.”

Noted in the letter, the bill “reduces the magnet for illegal immigration, seeks to stop the exploitation of children, keeps children united with their parents, helps protect the wages and jobs of low-income workers, and will prevent service organizations — especially in low-income communities — from being inundated with demands for services to the detriment of their local residents.”

H.R. 2 ends the Biden Administration’s “catch and release” policy and gives the federal government additional tools to secure the border. The bill appropriately prevents categorical parole and addresses abuse of asylum proceedings.

CURE President and Founder Star Parker recently stated, “While the Biden Administration continues to act blind and silent, the rest of us can clearly see that the problems at our border have gotten exceedingly worse since Biden took office,” Star said. “The burden that has been shouldered by far too many, including our low-income communities, seems to only get noticed when it affects liberal politicians in Chicago and New York.”

The letter notes that, in addition, “H.R. 2 mandates the use of E-Verify, thereby giving employers an electronic tool to verify the employment eligibility of their new hires. This will help protect jobs and wages for Americans and other legal workers, which is especially important for low-income workers.”

Signed by parker and CURE’s Vice President of Government Relations and Coalitions, Marty Dannenfelser, the letter assures House Members that the bill “will enable our government to take back control of the border and establish humane and fair policies in accordance with the rule of law. We believe this timely legislation is worthy of your support.”

You can read the full letter here.

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