Build Back Better Bill Will Devastate Black Communities

For immediate release: November 16, 2021

“Massive government spending and control doesn’t help black Americans, just repeats failed programs that have never worked, can never work”

Washington, D.C.- Today, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), a policy and research center dedicated to fighting poverty, held a press conference with black pastors, community leaders and policy experts to expose the disastrous impact of the Build Back Better bill, particularly on African-Americans.

Star Parker, Founder and President of CURE, was joined by Rev. Ceasar LeFlore of Beloved Community Development Coalition, Jacklyn Washington of Concerned Women for America, Greg Mourad of National Right to Work, Horace Cooper of the National Center for Public Policy Research, Joel Griffith of The Heritage Foundation and Jonathan Alexandre of Liberty Counsel Action, who pointed to some key areas of the bill that would hit poor communities hardest:  

  • On Childcare: Biden’s plan would create a new federal entitlement for childcare subsidies that would redistribute taxpayer dollars to high-income families in high-cost states. It will require licensed childcare providers to comply with “top-tier” quality rating systems to qualify as an eligible provider.

  • On Independent Contractors:  Progressives have snuck provisions of union-overreaches called the PRO-Act into the BBB that will expand union power. The bill will subsidize union dues and force American workers into unions. Union overreach is already hurting small business owners and independent contractors – such as truckers – and the entire gig economy. Edison Research estimates that in 2018, twenty-seven percent of black adults earned income in the gig economy, and for more than half of it as their primary income.

  • On Housing: Excessive regulations over the entire construction industry have already negatively impacted the housing industry and driven prices up. To pile on more rules and give HUD more power to force government regulated so-called affordable housing into every local community will only mean higher costs for housing.

“This massive 2400-page bill is telling the American people that politicians in Washington think they know what’s best for your life and will make the decisions for you because you aren’t smart enough to make them on your own,” said Mr. Alexandre. “Americans don’t need mandates from Washington.” 

“Kicking independent contractors and gig workers out of their jobs, forcing childcare workers to be college graduates and taking over housing in urban communities is not the way to help black communities,” said Mrs. Parker. “Force is not an American ideal!” 

CURE is a policy and research center dedicated to fighting poverty and restoring dignity through messages of faith, freedom and personal responsibility. CURE seeks free-market solutions to provide education, employment, healthcare and the opportunity for black families to grow and their communities to flourish. 

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