Austin Stone & William B. Allen Write Op-Ed on The State of Black America

August 11, 2022

CURE COO Austin Stone and author William B. Allen published a joint op-ed for Deseret News discussing CURE’s newly released book The State of Black America and how Black economic empowerment can be aligned with America’s founding principles.

“Black communities, which have historically suffered from higher unemployment and less financial security, share a palpable dread of this economic downturn. There is fresh urgency to the questions before us: What causes the economic uncertainty Blacks experience, and what long-term solutions can build resilience going forward?

 ‘The State of Black America,’ a collection of essays we edited and co-authored for the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, answers these questions in a way that aligns Black economic empowerment with America’s founding principles. Moreover, we highlight the remarkable history of Black progress under the severe constraints of oppression and exclusion that followed the end of slavery in this country.”

Read the full Op-Ed here.

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