2022 National Policy Summit


October 3-5, 2022


Washington D.C.

The Center for Urban Renewal and Education held its 2022 National Annual Policy Summit in Washington D.C. on October 3-5, 2022. The National Annual Policy Summit is an in-person conference that convenes pastors from the black community to learn from and share ideas with a distinguished list of speakers and guests. In the wake of the Dobbs decision this year, the summit focused heavily on pro-life issues but also hit upon themes like education choice, religious freedom, the economy, and the 2022 election.

Notable Speakers

Star Parker

Founder & President at CURE

T.W. Shannon

Former Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives

Rev. Ceasar LeFlore

Illinois Family Institute & CURE Clergy Council Vice-Chairman

Curtis Hill

CURE Fellow & Former Indiana Attorney General

Jonathan Alexandre, Esq.

Liberty Counsel

EJ Antoni

Heritage Foundation

Pastor Pamela Bell

Serenity Pastoral Counseling & Consulting

Michael Bindas

Institute for Justice

Robert Cahaly

Trafalgar Group

Autumn Christensen

SBA Pro-Life America

Jamison Coppola

American Association of Christian Schools

Charles DeBow

Executive Director of the National Black Chamber of Commerce

Stephen Eide

Manhattan Institute

Craig Frisby

University of Missouri

Leslie Hiner


Ben Hobbs

Senate Aging Committee for Senator Tim Scott

Howard Husock

AEI and Author

E.W. Jackson


Bruce LeVell

Dunwoody Diamonds USA

Teresa Manning

National Association of Scholars

Rafael Mangual

Manhattan Institute

Dr. Karen Stevenson

Psychiatrist & Attending Columbia Theological Seminary

Grace-Marie Turner

The Galen Institute

Roland Warren

Care Net

Dan Ziegler

House Republican Study Committee


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