Unraveling Election's Racial Maneuvers

This week on “CURE America with Star Parker,” we bring you several amazing segments focused on race from shows we have aired throughout the past three years.
We explore the Biden administration’s tactics on weaponizing race to the fullest extent, as they continue to employ these strategies throughout the next year and a half. Their goal is a clear one, to win the presidential election at all cost. Their strategy is to divide us.

Star Parker converses with our esteemed Dr. William B. Allen on CURE’s amazing tome the State of Black America. We then go back to the inception of CURE America in a revealing conversation with Ryan Bomberger, founder of The Radiance Foundation, delving into BLM. Jonathan then talks with Delano Squires about the history and legacy of Frederick Douglass and how the present sharply contrasts with his vision. Our Raheem Williams, CURE’s senior policy analyst delves with Star on our report, The Weaponization of Race.

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