Roe v. Wade: A Closing Chapter

CURE America: Episode 87

Our American compassion, our moral compass, has gone awry. A child growing up in America today looks around and finds himself or herself in a nation where debt is larger than the entire economy, and still growing. But just as inflation shows that the costs of fiscal irresponsibility cannot be hidden, so the costs of teaching our youth that personal responsibility is irrelevant cannot be hidden. It manifests in the destructive behavior we see now.

Today, on CURE America with Star Parker, we’re joined by Neal McCluskey, the Director of the Center for Educational Freedom at CATO, to discuss the push by the Biden Administration for student loan forgiveness. We’re also joined by Mallory Carroll, Vice President of Communications for the Susan B. Anthony List, to walk us through the recent leaked opinion by the Supreme Court in the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

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