Race and Values: Righteous Conversations

This week on our show we continue the conversation on race, sorting through segments dating back three years, highlighting moments of importance on this matter.

We discuss critical questions and topics before the Black conservative movement. Joined by a panel of three young, Black and gifted Christian conservatives as we sort through the noise of the news to find the truth in these discussions. Since the great war on poverty began in the 1960s, the poverty rate for Blacks has not changed. Yet, the same politicians who claim they can break the cycle of poverty keep pushing the same failed policies.

Guests include
Patrina Mosley, Founder and Principal of PPM Consulting; AJ Swinson, Government Relations Communications Coordinator for the Conservative Partnership Institute; and Jonathan Alexandre, Senior Counsel for Governmental Affairs at Liberty Counsel and Liberty Counsel Action and Dr. Anne Bradley with The Fund for American Studies.

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