Deep State - the U.S. Capitol's Spying Spree

CURE America: Episode 77

In the midst of all the noise of the news, Star Parker looks into a breaking story that seems to be receiving little attention. An intelligence unit with the U.S. Capitol Police has been spying on Members of Congress, their staff, and even the people and constituents visiting them. Reportedly, they’re looking at tax and real estate records, social media activity, and more background information as they collect and investigate people without anyone knowing – even the Members of Congress themselves. This has even extended to off of Capitol Hill, meetings at private residences and local events. This is unheard of, and we need to hear more about what’s going on here.

In this episode of CURE America TV – Star sits down with Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, to hear more on this story and why this is taking place. Then Star takes us directly to Capitol Hill, where she visits Republican Congressman Rodney Davis, the Ranking Member on the House Administration Committee, which is charged with overseeing Capitol Police. Congressman Davis sheds light onto what has been developing and the investigation he’s leading into finding the truth.

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