Decoding Social Security: The Truth Unveiled!

It can always be difficult to sort through the noise of the news to find the truth. That has been especially true thus far this year when it comes to Social Security. From President Biden falsely using it as a battering ram against Republicans in his State of the Union speech, to discussions from both sides of the aisle since, the always present maneuvering of politicians and the manipulating message of the media has made the issue hard to pin down on what’s really going on.

So this week on CURE America with Star Parker, we bring on one of Washington’s leading conservatives on all matters to do with these issues and all taxation, Grover Norquist. The Founder and President of Americans for Tax Reform, Norquist carries a decades long career in successful advocacy for lower taxes and federal budget cuts.

CURE’s Omarr Peters and Raheem Williams are back on the panel, taking us through both the policy and faith implications of the issue, especially for the younger generations that are paying into a system that will long be insolvent by the time they retire.

Rick Manning sits down with Star to go through the further nuances, concerns on both sides, and where the debate currently stands on solving the serious issues of Social Security.

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