Black History Month: The Lost Lesson of Faith and Freedom

CURE America: Episode 79

Why do we have Black History Month? This week on CURE America begins with that question, diving deeper into the unique story that is Black history. Every conversation of Black history of course includes the saga of slavery, but it must also include the story of sin. We must not neglect our founding principles and the truth of man and our Creator in our history. In doing so, far too many today distort the lessons of our history for their own gain. But when we look at the full truth of this history, what lessons can we learn?

Horace Cooper, senior fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, joins, reminding us of our scripture along with our history. Our weekly panelists are back, as Jonathan Alexandre takes us through the spiritual meanings within the Black National Anthem, while Richard Manning makes note of the ongoing sin of today – abortion.

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