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Active petitions

Sign our petition to preserve the Emancipation Memorial, a historic statue in Lincoln Park that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are bent on destroying.

In 1869, the funding for an Emancipation Memorial began with a $5 donation from Charlotte Scott, a former slave from Virginia. All of the initial funds raised were from donations from former slaves, later matched by donations from The Western Sanitary Commission, a St. Louis-based volunteer war-relief agency. The sculptor, Thomas Ball, had an acceptable model made, but the group of freedmen behind the monument wanted to have a real freedman pose for it. They gave Ball a photo of Archer Alexander, and he was chosen as the model. The kinetic motion in Alexander’s figure indicates that he has just been emancipated and is ready to stand and run his race as a free man.

Help us sustain the deep history of African Americans and the freedom they fought and died for. Sign the petition today—our goal is 10,000 signatures.

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Our booklist

We curate a booklist to lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecutor adesciplit elit; Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Here is a selection of titles:

Necessary Noise:
How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This Is Good News for America

Popular FOX commentator Star Parker explains why today's noisy political rhetoric is good for you and provides specifics on why Trump's presidency is vital for America's future.

Star Parker was among the many reeling and confused as Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States. But, she argues, a silver lining to this outcome is the debate that has since ruled our media and private conversations.

The ongoing noise of debate can seem overwhelming, but our country needs the authentic and candid dialogue of its people. And Trump's presidency provides us with an opportunity like never before to engage and work to preserve the values upon which America was built. Necessary Noise honestly examines the crossroads where we find ourselves and suggests ways of moving toward resolution and restoration. Tackling a wide range of topics on which citizens should get noisy--from immigration, to education, to abortion, to welfare—Necessary Noise provides the framework for how to make our voices heard during this important time in history.

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