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Robert Borens

Vice President of Policy

Bob Borens is a Vice President of Policy at CURE. He has worked with Star Parker and CURE for over 20 years and assists in policy communications, formulating policy agenda and strategy, and with development. Bob has over 35 years of experience in government affairs, public affairs, and public policy. He began his career working in corporate planning at Getty Oil Company and then moved to Washington build and oversee Getty’s government affairs office. Later he moved to the world of ideas, becoming Vice President of Development at the Cato Institute. Subsequently, Bob did consulting work in Washington with Jack Kemp and Empower America with the Hudson Institute and IDT Corporation.

Bob now lives in Israel, where he founded and runs the Friedberg Economics Institute, which does seminars for Israeli university students, bringing lecturers from around the world to teach about economic freedom. He is in the process of launching a new seminar program building on the Abraham Accords, in which students from United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will be brought to Israel to learn about economic freedom and will learn alongside Israeli university students.

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