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Brett Hagerman

Chief Operating Officer

Brett Hagerman is the Chief Operating Officer for the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Brett brings over 20 years of executive-level experience and a track record of developing highly effective teams. He also keenly appreciates CURE’s opportunity to make transformational and lasting changes in urban communities around this great and beautiful country. Brett graduated from DePauw University and the Indiana University School of Law. Before joining CURE, Brett served as a non-attorney representative for a European law consortium led by Arantzazu Abogados SLP. Brett’s international experience is extensive, beginning with his time leading international projects at the University of Salamanca Foundation and heading its alumni association. Closer to home, Brett honed his skills as a fundraiser at the Indiana State University Foundation, where he also led its alternative investment arm, Sycamore Foundation Holdings. Brett and his wife have two children and one grandchild. They live in Arlington, Virginia.

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