Star Parker: Since Biden Took Office, the Border Crisis Has Deepened

July 29, 2022

CURE Founder and President Star Parker, contributing a segment for Straight Arrow News, discussed the ongoing border crisis and lack of action from the Biden administration as migrant caravans and drug traffickers take advantage of our porous southern border.

“Internationally, we’re being mocked. Biden says that there is no crisis even at the border — that there is a little bit of tension, that maybe there’s a fault of COVID, or maybe it’s a fault of climate change, or maybe somehow it’s Trump’s fault. Does this sound familiar? He’s been rotating the same excuses for all of his administration’s failures, many failures: The high gas prices, the inflation, the summer of rage that they just went into, the rising crime, the progressive prowlers that are even running people out of restaurants right now.

Watch the full segment here.

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