Star Parker Joins Victory to Discuss Unraveling in Afghanistan

August 19, 2021

The situation in Kabul continues to worsen as thousands of Americans and American allies are stranded with no way to escape Afghanistan, which is now occupied by the Taliban. As the debacle in Afghanistan worsens, Star Parker spoke with Greg Stephens on The Victory Channel about the need to persuade people around the world that they too could live free, that God has gifted them, but it’s difficult to express that when many Americans also fail to see this.

“Those of us that are of age during Saigon, when we start thinking about the values here in America and how unraveled they are, we need to check ourselves. We’re trying to persuade people around the world that the ideals of America work and will work for them,” says Star Parker, going on to say “We need to persuade them that terror and terrorism is not the right order, that they could live free, that God has gifted them, that they too can live free. And yet we cannot seem to express that. We cannot seem to get it together in our own country.”

Full interview

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