Star Parker Endorses House Committee's Family Policy Agenda

For immediate release: September 29, 2022

CURE President Star Parker provided a statement in support of the House Republican Study Committee’s Family Policy Agenda, which accompanied the agenda’s release today. The agenda outlines 10 principles to guide conservatives’ work to restore the American family.

“The Republican Study Committee’s Family Policy Agenda proposes creative reforms to economic, education, health care and labor policies and strongly affirms the right of parents to guide the education and upbringing of their children,” said Parker. “These concrete legislative proposals will bolster our workforce, protect unborn life, safeguard our children and their future, and support faith and family. With so many problems rising at alarming rates, impacting families and burdening hardworking Americans, we need to embrace this positive agenda. Working together, we can reclaim the future by bolstering the bedrock of our nation – the American family.”

You can find the RSC’s Press Release announcing the agenda and all related materials here.

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