LETTER: Star Parker and Marty Dannenfelser Sign Onto "Don’t Use Ukraine to Justify a Bad Spending Bill"

March 5, 2022

CURE Founder and President Star Parker and Vice President for Government Relations and Coalitions Marty Dannenfelser have signed onto a memo released by The Conservative Action Project entitled “Don’t Use Ukraine to Justify a Bad Spending Bill.”

“Members of Congress will soon vote on two forthcoming funding bills: an omnibus spending bill and a supplemental spending bill for Ukraine. Conservatives urge congressional Republicans to prioritize key policies, and to let these two spending bills stand alone, rather than as one single vote.

Congressional Republicans must ensure that any omnibus spending bill implements critical policy priorities. First, it must include robust border security measures that control the overwhelming and unprecedented number of crossings at our functionally open border.

Second, it must defund President Biden’s remaining vaccine and mask mandates – policies which, in previous Senate votes, have had uniform Republican support. Finally, in the face of Russian aggression which threatens American energy supplies, an omnibus spending bill must open key spigots of domestic energy production.

In addition to maintaining historic policy riders, these policies should reflect the negotiating posture of the Republican conference. We urge conservatives not to vote in favor of an omnibus which does not meaningfully include all three.

Finally, as Congress contemplates a defense supplemental to aid Ukraine, conservatives call for this to be considered separately from government funding legislation. The decision to fund actions in Ukraine, and how best to do so, is separate from domestic priorities and deserves its own deliberation and record. Moreover, the domestic priorities contained in the omnibus should not be allowed to free ride on any urgency felt around funding defense initiatives.

Conservatives issue a unified call behind these two priorities: for congressional Republicans to use their leverage over government funding vehicles to address the issues their voters care about, and to separate that question from that of funding for Ukraine.”

See the full list of signatories here.

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