Marty Dannenfelser: Democrats' Abortion Bills Weaponize Race, Trample Religious Liberty

September 22, 2022

CURE Vice President for Government Relations and Coalitions, Marty Dannenfelser, contributed a piece for RealClearPolitics discussing recent national abortion on-demand legislation that was introduced by Democrats that attempts to tie pro-life Americans to “systems of oppression … white supremacy, and anti-black racism.”

“Whether the issue is abortion or policing, weaponizing racial tensions is a dangerous and irresponsible tactic. Recklessly inflaming passions over the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision has led to an assassination attempt against a Supreme Court justice, the burning of pregnancy care centers, vandalizing of churches, and disruptions of religious services.

The protection of life, property and religious liberty are core responsibilities of government, and have been since our nation’s founding. In the case of abortion, policies need to be reconciled with an individual’s liberty interests.”

Read the full article here.

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