Ken Blackwell Defends The Unborn Against Bogus Prenatal Tests

January 27, 2022

CURE Board Member Ken Blackwell recently wrote an opinion piece on the need to defend the unborn against prenatal testing that often leads to inaccurate results that could prompt someone to terminate their pregnancy.

“Have you ever listened to the news, and come across a story that really makes you angry? Some stories just touch a nerve.

This recently happened to me, when I learned that expecting parents are being given bad information about the health and wellbeing of their unborn child. Worse, because of misleading test results, it seems some families may be terminating healthy pregnancies. As someone who is an ardent supporter of the National Right to Life and the pro-life movement, you understand why I felt compelled to speak up. 

At issue are prenatal tests being sold to expecting parents – many of which are made by an Austin, Texas-based company called Natera.”

Read the full article here.

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