Inflation Reduction Act: False Advertising and Divisive Priorities

For immediate release: August 11, 2022

Dear Representative:

The so-called Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will push low-income Americans deeper into government dependency, harm small business owners, increase our national debt, exacerbate inflation, weaponize the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and promote another racially divisive government narrative. We urge you to oppose this ill-advised legislation. 

Low-income Americans are feeling the pinch of higher prices fueled by inflation, from the gas pump to the grocery store. At a time when our economy is in a recession, this bill will impose regressive tax increases that will hurt small businesses and stifle economic growth. Wealthy individuals will receive subsidies at the expense of low and middle-income taxpayers. 

Contrary to the myth promoted by the bill’s sponsors, the main focus of the tens of thousands of new IRS agents will be on low and middle-income taxpayers who cannot afford the expenses they would incur by fighting an aggressive IRS audit. Conservative and faith-based organizations expect to once again be targeted by a powerful and politically manipulated government agency.

Most of the new IRS agents – like the current workforce – can be expected to join the National Treasury Employees Union. Prevailing wage requirements will help provide another payoff to union leaders as they drive up costs to taxpayers and limit job creation.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, price controls will reduce the number of lifesaving drugs. They may also raise the cost of drugs that are not subject to the new regime. This approach is counterproductive and should be rejected.

The “environmental justice” provisions in the bill promote the false narrative that agriculture, energy production and infrastructure projects are inherently racist, thereby necessitating the intervention of government to ensure ‘equitable’ outcomes.   

Most Americans still believe in freedom and opportunity for all; yet simply put, the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ is nothing more than big government intrusion and expansion that will create more division, economic harm, and misdirection of taxpayer funds. We urge you to oppose it and chart a better course for America.


Star Parker President

Marty DannenfelserVP, Government Relations & Coalitions

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