Curtis Hill & Austin Stone Pen Op-Ed on Black Voting Behavior

July 21, 2022

CURE Senior Fellow and former Attorney General of Indiana Curtis Hill and CURE Interim COO Austin Stone co-authored an opinion piece for Townhall promoting CURE’s newest report, Black Opinions & Voting Behavior, describing the history of black voting behavior in America and analyzing recent polling to determine where this population lies ideologically today.

“The Republican Party was once the party of choice for practically all black voters. The party of Lincoln, having been founded as an abolitionist movement, enjoyed near-unanimous black support in the midst of post-Civil War Reconstruction. The emergence of Jim Crow segregation policies initiated by southern Democrats and codified by President Woodrow Wilson kept most black voters comfortably Republican until the New Deal…

…Thus, if Republicans want to earn back some of the black vote that is now dominated by Democrats, they must structure their message to prioritize the black affinity for faith, family, and morality, while also satisfying the black interest in a social safety net and racial progress. The CURE report shows that 84% of blacks believe that racism is widespread in the United States today, and 57% view themselves as “have-nots.” Republicans must therefore acknowledge the continued inequalities that black Americans feel, and ascertain why many view the federal government as the only solution.”

Read the full Op-Ed here.

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