The Ongoing Plight on the Second Amendment

Suddenly, America has found itself entering the Summer with gun control leading the national debate. Last week, the Left controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed gun control legislation, and the Senate is currently discussing its own proposals. Matters regarding “ghost guns,” red flag laws, background checks, and more, dominate many discussions in Washington, D.C. With this long list, as well as the various stories and talking points dominating across headlines and social media, there is a lot of noise in our current news to sift through.

That’s why this week on CURE America with Star Parker, we sort through the noise to find the truth on the current movement of actions in Congress, to deeply understand each issue of the discussion, where its going, and the impact it could have on our nation. Trevor Burrus, Research Fellow at the CATO Institute’s Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies, breaks down for us this recent push in Congress to restrict 2nd Amendment rights and the repeatedly false claims that many of these proposals will make us safer. Our panel includes our long trusted expert, Jonathan Alexandre from Liberty Counsel Action, as well as our two recently new regular stars, Patrina Mosley with PPM Consulting and AJ Swinson from the Conservative Partnership Institute. Together, they’ll dive deeper into the analysis of what’s happening with our culture, the need for faith and a foundation of family, the Left’s current actions in Congress, and the impact of gun control on the African-American community – historically and today.

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