Keeping a Watchful Eye on Government in this Next Year

As Americans hear news of a “fiscal cliff,” we see COVID news take over headlines once again. In what has always been described as “the most wonderful time of year,” the noise of the news reflects anything but.

This week on CURE America, Jonathan Alexandre is back in the guest host seat. Baker Spring from Compact for America brings his decades of federal budget experience to the show to help us sort through the decisions before Congress, what’s likely to happen, and the potential impact for all Americans. We also have Phil Kerpen back on the show, from American Commitment and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. Is the news we’re hearing about COVID more of the reality we’ve been told to expect or is it more geared towards the usual scare tactics and methods of government control? Kerpen takes us through his research and what we’ve learned after well over two years. Richard Manning is back on the panel, along with CURE’s policy analyst Raheem Williams, as we dive into the messages and issues being uncovered, and seek the truth amongst the never ending cycle of news and government.

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