How to Bridge the Divide

2021 National Policy Summit

After a year of racial tension and calls to defund and dismantle the police, the action panel on police reform gives concrete ideas for pastors to meet with local law enforcement and develop relationships that can pave the way for reconciliation and healing in communities.

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To open the Summit, CURE unveiled The State of Black America, an in-depth report on the nation’s long-troubled racial issues presented in partnership with the Claremont Institute and forthcoming from Encounter Books in May 2022.

CURE’s Board of Directors Chair Marc Little leads open night festivities with CURE’s Founder and President Star Parker. Mike Farris, President of Alliance Defending Freedom and founder of Patrick Henry College discusses key issues on education and religious freedom and introduces keynote speaker, former Attorney General of the United States William Barr.

“What ails us, as a society, is the fact that we are falling away from God,” stated former Attorney General of the United States, William Barr in his opening night speech. Star and AG Barr sit down to discuss in-depth insights from his experiences on some ways we can turn the country back to God.

Advancing education freedom is a core mission of CURE, getting children out of government-run, union-controlled schools and to those that reflect the values of their parents. Education choice experts walk us through the importance of churches getting back to the task of educating the children and training them in the way they should go.

Each session of the summit had an action portion in which our panelists gave practical tips to our pastors for implementing policy ideas in their churches and communities. Michael Benjamin of American Federation for Children and Francesca Fontenot, a home school mom and wife of Pastor Ken Fontenot lead this discussion.

Moderated by CURE Board Member and former Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, the panel discussion focuses on recent attacks on law enforcement and calls for defunding and dismantling police departments and the detrimental impact that would have on the hardest hit communities.

Former Ambassador to the United Nations and Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley shares her remarkable life and her experiences, including the heart-wrenching story of the horrific shooting in a Charleston church where nine African-Americans were killed during a Bible study and how she helped bring community leaders together in forgiveness and healing after this racist act.

Homelessness has become a serious issue in many cities across the nation. Some of the country’s top policy leaders explain why this is happening and offer solutions to this growing problem and how government’s involvement has only worsened the problem that is most importantly a mental health issue.

In taking ideas and analysis into action, pastors Harold Dugger and Richard Kyerematen speak to their own experiences combatting homelessness in their communities and the pivotal role churches serve in uplifting the homeless towards a healthy life and out of poverty.

Respected family policy experts Mary Hasson, Doreen Denny and Pat Fagan, lead a compelling discussion into the transgender movement and its influence on children, schools and the medical community, as well as the foundations of the family which is being a chaste and committed spouse.

Family is at the heart of God’s plan. As government, industry, and cultural influences continue to pull the foundations of family apart, ministry leaders discuss what it takes to restore the family structure.

Master of Ceremonies Bob McEwen, Executive Director of the Council for National Policy introduces the audience to two young African-American leaders Rep. Byron Donalds a Member of Congress from Florida, and Curtis Hill, the former Attorney General of Indiana, who gives a powerful call to racial reconciliation in the country through empathy and understanding.

Safe and fair elections are essential to a democracy. Leora Levy, National Republican Committee Woman for Connecticut, reminds the audience that elections have consequences, recalling the founding ideals of our nation that safeguard our liberties and uplift all Americans towards prosperity.

CURE Board Member, T.W. Shannon, who served as the former Oklahoma Speaker of the House and now serves as President and CEO of the Chickasaw Community Bank gives a powerful and motivating speech to our pastors as Americans see a nation divided and in darkness.

“It’s not enough to analyze faults, speak out on failed actions and ideas, and then suggest solutions.” CURE Board Chairman Marc Little and CURE President and Founder Star Parker discuss moving ideas to action, collaborating resources and information, and mobilizing communities towards change.

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