The Return of the Evil Empire

CURE America: Episode 80

This week on CURE America talks about the return of the evil empire. What President Biden didn’t address in his State of the Union address, to any satisfaction, is Ukraine. Coming out of Afghanistan, where we’re still praying for the people being left behind, we’re now watching Ukraine in real time being taken over because of the same philosophy of what Biden and his progressive’s are doing here at home.

Special guests and CURE’s weekly panelists expand on the issue of American energy independence, how prices will go up at the gas pump as a result of the Left’s brazen policies, and the central role these policies play in emboldening the aggressive actions of Russia.

Hosts: Thomas Pyle, President of the American Energy Alliance, join CURE America to dive into the failures of this push for Green energy that has pushed out oil and gas production. Pyle brings a unique backdrop of public and private sector experience on U.S. energy policy.

Our regular guests, Richard Manning and Jonathan Alexandre, are joined by CURE’s own Vice President of Governmental Relations and Coalitions, Marty Dannenfelser for further discussion on energy, the atrocities in Ukraine, and the culture of evil we are witnessing.

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