The Inflation Reduction Act - Bracing for Impact

Democrats want big government, a lot of spending and taxation, the former of which we are now paying for in inflation, so the new strategy of Democrats is to now claim that spending and taxes reduce inflation.

And now, legislation with a price tag of $433 billion in new spending and $327 billion in new taxes is becoming law.  It’s called the Inflation Reduction Act, and it’s like McDonald’s serving up a new Big Mac with more beef, more cheese and more sauce, and calling it the Weight Watchers Special.

So, Lee Schalk, Vice President of Policy at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), joins CURE America with Star Parker to walk us through the new spending, the new taxes, and the many new issues now coming our way (including 87,000 new IRS agents!) Alfonso Aguilar and Jonathan Alexandre are back once again, to take us through how this monstrosity of a bill will soon impact our lives, as well as the new developments in the fight to protect unborn life.

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