The End of Roe v. Wade Is Coming

CURE America: Episode 75

Over the course of 49 years of legalized abortion under the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision, 63 million children have been lost through abortion. A third of all abortions in this country are of black babies when African-Americans only make up 15% of the population.

That’s why this week on CURE America, we sift through the noise of the news to find the truth on abortion. What are the goals of Planned Parenthood and has it tried to distance itself from its racist founder? Will the courts overturn Roe v. Wade? What comes next?

We’re joined by Angela Minter and Dinah Monahan, who have been activists in the pro-life movement and instrumental in changing hearts and minds in the country. We bring you clips from CURE’s press conference this past week in which we unveiled our new report, “The Impact of Abortion on Black Communities.” We also speak with our policy and legal analysts, Richard Manning and Jonathan Alexandre, about the road ahead for legalized abortion in America.

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