Solutions for Saving the Country (Part 4)

CURE America: Episode 63

This week on CURE America, we bring you more powerful information from CURE’s National Policy Summit that was held in September in Washington D.C. Our guest speakers and panel discussions prompted the pastors and supporters in attendance to plan for the important work ahead in their communities. Work that includes getting children out of public schools and to schools that reflect the values of their parents, meeting with law enforcement in order to bridge the divide within black communities and standing up against the transgender movement that is deceiving children about their identity.

This week’s show highlights one of the Summit speakers, Curtis Hill, the former Attorney General of Indiana who gives a powerful call to racial reconciliation in the country through empathy and understanding. We also feature part of an insightful discussion on family and culture with some of the nation’s leading experts: Mary Hasson from the Ethics & Public Policy Center, Doreen Denny of Concerned Women for America and Pat Fagan, head of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute. This compelling discussion digs deep into the transgender movement and its influence on children, schools and the medical community as well as the foundations of the family which is being a chaste and committed spouse.

The panel is moderated by CURE Board Member Angela Minter who gives her powerful testimony and vision for saving life in the womb through her organization, Sisters for Life.

All of the National Policy Summit will be posted to our website in the next few days. Please go to www.curepolicy.org to see more from our great speakers.

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