Solutions for Saving the Country (Part 3)

CURE America: Episode 62

Another powerful line-up on CURE America this week with footage from the Center for Urban Renewal and Education’s annual National Policy Summit that we held in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago with pastors from all over the country. This week we highlight the remarks of former Ambassador to the United Nations and former Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, and bring you the important panel discussion on homelessness.

Ambassador Haley’s remarkable life as the daughter of an immigrant is only surpassed by her amazing career in public life. She shares many of her experiences with our pastors and especially the heart-wrenching story of the aftermath of the horrific shooting in a Charleston church where nine African Americans were killed during a Bible study. Gov. Haley served as governor and brought together faith leaders, community leaders and legislators to help the community come together in forgiveness and healing after this racist act.

While homelessness becomes a serious issue in many cities across the nation, we brought together some of the country’s top policy leaders to explain why this is happening and offer solutions to this growing problem. Dr. Robert Marbut, former Executive Director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness; Michele Steeb, Senior Fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation; Frank Moncher, Executive Director of Catholic Charities in Arlington, VA; and Michael Tanner, Senior Fellow at the CATO Institute lead this important discussion.

The entire summit will be posted to our website www.curepolicy.org, in the next few weeks. Join us again next week for the final in this series from CURE’s National Policy Summit.

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