Progressives Push Welfare on All Americans

CURE America: Episode 65

In a shocking upset to the political establishment in Washington, Virginia businessman Glenn Youngkin, was elected governor of the Commonwealth in a huge rejection of the radical agenda of the Biden Administration and progressives in his party.

Yet, that has not stopped the President, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues in Congress from pushing forward to pass a massive reconciliation social spending welfare bill. We talked about this bill last week on CURE America and tell you more about it this week. It will ruin our economy already in trouble with inflation and skyrocketing prices. This bill will pull millions of Americans into government dependency, from womb to the tomb.

This week we have two amazing guest interviews, one with Congressman Bob Good, a Republican from Virginia who has been fighting this reconciliation bill and the infrastructure bill and gives us a perspective of what happened in Virginia that moved it back to red. We also speak with an amazing national hero, Chris Rufo, the investigative writer who really uncovered Critical Race Theory and how our children are being indoctrinated with this Marxist agenda. Educational freedom was a major issue in the Virginia elections.

We also have an amazing panel of experts: Jonathan Alexandre, Senior Counsel at Liberty Counsel Action; Kerry Pickett, Senior Congressional Correspondent for The Washington Times; and Phil Kerpen, President of Committee to Unleash Prosperity.

Unleash the freedom and let’s kill this bad bill in Congress.

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