Navigating the Cultural and Faith Landscape

With recent headlines from Memphis and other cities across the country – continued questions regarding our culture and where our society stands when it comes to faith and principle have joined the national discussion once again.

So this week on CURE America with Star Parker, Kevin Mcgary joins the show. Mcgary is the co-founder of Every Black Life Matters, a parent and community advocates group dedicated to eliminating divisive and destructive racial identity-based practices, such as Critical Race Theory that targets children, in addition to advocating pro-life issues, healing the divide in our communities, and other critical issues. Mcgary shares with us his new book “WOKEd Up!” and the history that has led to moments like this.

Jonathan Alexandre and Richard Manning are back as always, taking us through the headlines and the breakdown of culture, faith, and family that continues to lead too many to violence.

To rest in His grace and not forget the work that is to be done, Star sits down with Reverend Elmo Winters and Therese Winters from the KINGDOM Group International. Possessing a powerful love and passion for all, this married couple have actively shared the reconciling Gospel of Christ throughout the world, planting churches and trained pastors in Russia, Kenya, Mexico, and the US.

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