Liberty or Tyranny: What will Americans Choose?

CURE America: Episode 70

What kind of country do we want to be? The role of government, as stated in the constitution’s preamble, is to “secure the blessings of liberty.” Men form government to protect that liberty, not to bestow it or deny it.

But liberals love control. Control over our daily lives. They want to grow government to impose their values, their worldview, on everyone. The fact that the politicians were democratically elected simply says that Americans are choosing authoritarianism and voluntarily giving up their liberty.

On this week’s episode of CURE America, we delve deep into the question of what kind of country we want to be; one with a tyrannical government or one in which all men are free. We discuss this topic with Rep. Gary Palmer, a Member of Congress from Alabama and with our panel of policy, media and legal experts. We also have a special segment with former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina on his new book, “Satan’s Dare,” that would make a great Christmas gift.

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