Embracing Truth: A Journey to Advance Freedom

Welcome to a transformative episode of “CURE America with Star Parker” as we kick off the new year with an enlightening revisit to Jonathan Alexandre’s powerful speech from our 2023 CURE National Policy Summit. Join us for an hour filled with content that not only captivates but also enriches the soul with profound teachings.

In this compelling showcase, Jonathan Alexandre, Senior Counsel for Liberty Council Action, takes you on a journey that transcends the mere value of life. Delving into recent events that underscore the urgency of our fight for the unborn, Alexandre draws from contemporary examples to illuminate the profound significance of standing up for life.

Experience an hour of thought-provoking commentary that goes beyond the surface, exploring why the battle for the unborn is not just important but essential in our evolving society. Join Star Parker and Jonathan Alexandre in this extraordinary episode, as they provide insights that resonate with the core of our humanity and inspire a renewed commitment to the cause. Tune in and embark on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment on “CURE America with Star Parker.”

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