Communication and Conviction: Faith in 2022

CURE America: Episode 81

This week on CURE America, we go to Nashville, Tennessee for the 2022 National Religious Broadcasters Conference. Here at the world’s largest gathering
of Christian communicators, Star Parker meets with industry experts and Christian leaders from around the globe as they provide their insight into what’s happening in policy, culture, and communications in our nation.

Featured Guests: Troy Miller, President and CEO of NRB; Shannon O. Royce, J.D., President of the Christian Employers Alliance; Brad Dacus, Founder and President at the Pacific Justice Institute; Allen West, Lt. Col. (Ret.) and former U.S. Congressman; Juliana Taimoorazy, MA, Nobel
Peace Prize Nominee and Founder and President of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council; Holly Meade, Vice President of Media at Liberty Counsel; Jill Stanek, PLAN Community Outreach Manager for the Susan B. Anthony List ; Phil Cook, PhD, Founder and CEO of the Cooke Media Group; and Rick Santorum, Former U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania

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