Border Crisis, Fiscal Fury

This week on “CURE America with Star Parker,” get ready for a candid discussion with Congressman Ralph Norman, a powerhouse from South Carolina’s 5th district, and Senator Ron Johnson hailing from Wisconsin. Brace yourselves for a raw take on the border chaos, where both guests point fingers at the Biden administration for dismantling a system that, despite flaws, was undeniably much better than the current debacle. Hold on as we unravel the shocking reality – millions pouring across the U.S. border, facing abuse ranging from human trafficking to the dark underbelly of the sex trade and drug smuggling.

Prepare for a fiscal rollercoaster as we scrutinize the federal spending frenzy, a mind-boggling $7 trillion, with a mere $5 trillion scraped from hardworking taxpayers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our unfiltered discussion also dives into the international arena, with Ukraine and Israel navigating a complex dance for aid.

Our powerhouse panel features Lora Ries, the Director of Border Security and Immigration Center at the Heritage Foundation, Jonathan Alexandre, Senior Counsel at Liberty Council Action, Rick Manning, the President of Americans for Limited Government, and our very own Marty Dannenfelser, Vice President for Government Relations at CURE. Get ready for a gritty, no-nonsense exploration of the burning issues affecting our nation.

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