Anti-Semitism in America

This week on “CURE America with Star Parker,” we confront the critical and ongoing war between the State of Israel and Hamas, shining a stark light on the pervasive and growing issue of homegrown antisemitism in America. And how Ivy League universities turn a blind eye to comments and protests by students calling for the killing of Jews and the elimination of Israel, unable to label it “hate speech”. We delve into the left’s avoidance to unequivocally condemn the heinous atrocities committed by Hamas against Israelis. Notably, in the wake of congressional hearings, one individual within the Ivy League later resigned. Our esteemed guest, E.J. Kimball, Director of Christian Engagement at the Combat Anti-Semitism movement, joins Star to explore the alarming manifestations of antisemitism within our borders. Stay tuned for a show that boldly exposes the unsettling cracks of antisemitism right here at home.

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